The Best Leatherworking and Leather Craft Sites and Forums

If you like working with leather, most
learning will come from experience and books. There just really are not a lot of
online resources for good leatherworking or leathercraft help and ideas. A few sites
have a little bit of information or have a tutorial somewhere, but most places don’t
have any real focus on leatherwork. However, there are a few really good sites that
fly under the radar, many of which are forums. Most of these are not primarily
leatherworking sites, but cover leatherworking in their forums and do a good job of
it. These are my choices for the best leather working forums. Some of these sites
require a membership, but all of them are free to join.

This is the best online site for leatherworking out there! It is the only online source
completely dedicated to general leatherwork that I have found. Leatherworker has
the best leatherworking forum I have ever seen. Almost every possible concept is
covered – different types of leatherwork, carving, use of tools, leather types. The
tutorials section is somewhat limited, but still very helpful, and they have an
awesome gallery. If you only have limited time to surf the net, pick this one.


BushcraftUK is a outdoor skills site focused on the United Kingdom, but has a lot of
Americans and some others on as well. It is very interesting to see how
outdoorsmen in Europe differ from Americans. The “DIY and Traditional Crafts”
section has a lot of leatherworking information, mostly on belt pouches and knife
sheaths. There are some good tutorials here as well. Check them out at

Knife Network Forums

This site requires membership to view, but there is no charge. Custom and
handmade knives are the primary focus of this site, but “The Sheath Making Forum”
has a lot of excellent information. Several of the posters on here are considered to
be among the best craftsmen of leather sheaths in the world. Knife sheaths are the
priority here, but some other leather work is discussed as well. This is a great place
for technique information. There isn’t a lot of activity, but it is still well worth
checking out.

Forums of Ramanon

This is a rather unusual forum site, mostly related to outdoors, knives – anything of
interest to men, really. “The Leathercraft Forum” is a very good leathercraft
resource. It covers a lot of information and stays pretty active for a leatherworking
forum. Be sure to take a look at the whole forum, just stay out of the Member’s only
area. There are some strange people on there!

Hoodswoods is actually a wilderness skills/survival site, and not a leatherworking
site. The Hoodlum Forum on the site, though, has several excellent leatherworking
tutorials and projects. Check out the“Hoodlum Workshop” and “Bladeware” forum
areas. and

Both have a forum section related to
sheaths and leatherwork. They are not quite as thorough as the above sites, but
both do have some good information, especially Bladeforums
does require a free registration to view most of their site.

There are some other online resources that have some limited information, but
these are the best that I have found. I would enjoy hearing about others, and I will
update this page if I find more.
Have fun with leatherworking!

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